“So let’s do it—full of belief... Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on.” –Hebrews 10:24-25

Sermon Podcasts

Listen to our latest sermon podcasts or download a PDF

Title PDF Audio Date Speaker
Offering of Formation Faith document-icon_grey   October 8, 2017 Pastor Eric Walbolt  
Formed to be Generous document-icon_grey   October 1, 2017 Pastor Eric Walbolt 
Formed into the Body of Christ document-icon_grey   September 24, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman 
Formed to be a Blessing document-icon_grey   September 17, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman 
Formed in the Image of God document-icon_grey   September 10, 2017 Pastor Eric Walbolt
Free at Last document-icon_grey   September 3, 2017 Pastor Eric Walbolt
Identity document-icon_grey   August 27th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Faith Like a Begger document-icon_grey   August 20th, 2017 Pastor Eric Walbolt
Water and Worries document-icon_grey   August 13th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Empty Hearts, Empty Stomachs document-icon_grey   August 6th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Where Can We Find the Kingdom of Heaven document-icon_grey   July 30th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Dandelions and Cockleburs document-icon_grey   July 23rd, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Better Together document-icon_grey   July 16th, 2017 Jr. High Director Calvin 
Farming 101 document-icon_grey   July 9th, 2017 Jr. High Director Calvin 
No Small Gestures document-icon_grey   July 2nd, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Fear and Faith document-icon_grey   June 25th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Crowded Companion document-icon_grey   June 18th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
Parting Instructions document-icon_grey   June 11th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
"Be: Humility" document-icon_grey   June 4th, 2017 Jr. High Director Calvin 
"Be: Gentleness" document-icon_grey   May 28th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
"Be: Faithfulness" document-icon_grey   May 21st, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
"Be: Kindness" document-icon_grey   May 14th, 2017 Pastor Melissa Maltman
"Be: Patience" document-icon_grey   May 7th, 2017 Pastor Eric Walbolt

Lenten Worship Speakers

Wed March 22:  Lenten Speaker Kevin Costello   sound-icon grey


Wed March 22:  Lenten Speaker Brooke  Carlson   sound-icon grey


Wed March 15:  Lenten Speaker Brad Campbell   sound-icon grey


Wed March 8th - Lenten Speaker Becky Panser    sound-icon grey